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Family Dentistry in Coppell

Dr. Deeann Bennett and her highly-trained staff provide compassionate, personalized family dental care in Coppell. We address your oral health concerns while preserving the health and wellness of your whole family. Whether your child needs a cleaning or you are looking for restorative care, our treatment plans are designed with your needs and goals in mind.

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Services for Toddlers and Children

Dr. Bennett sees patients as young as two-years-old. During their younger years, it is especially important to instill positive habits that preserve the long-term health and function of their smiles. Prevention is the most powerful tool against cavities and periodontal disease. We educate all of our patients on prevention, making sure that they are brushing and flossing properly at home.

We also provide nutritional counseling to help your child make healthy choices, such as picking water over sugary alternatives. With each passing year more and more children are consuming drinks and foods that are highly acidic and ultimately damaging healthy enamel. With proper education and preventive tips, they can keep their teeth healthy and bright long into their adult years.

During children’s dental appointments, Dr. Bennett takes a careful and detailed look at your child’s smile. We regularly introduce fluoride into their treatment plan, as well as sealants, which help prevent the buildup of plaque and food particles on hard-to-clean teeth. If your child requires orthodontics, Dr. Bennett collaborates with trusted specialists who can ensure the proper development of their smiles. Once their orthodontic treatment has concluded, we produce retainers and mouthguards in-office which preserve their results. 

Adult and Senior Services 

For our senior patients, we provide a variety of treatments that allow them to continue eating and smiling with full confidence. Our Coppell family dentist provides reliable prosthetics, such as crowns and partials, as well as composite bonding for minor damage or stains. But for those looking to transform their smile, we also offer porcelain veneers which can address permanent stains, undersized or misshapen teeth, and even gaps, along with minor chips and damage.

Dr. Bennett and her team also help those with dentures. We work with a trusted local lab that can perform adjustments, relines, and comprehensive repair.  

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Dr. Deeann Bennett and her team work with patients of all ages to preserve or restore their oral health. Our treatment plans are outlined with your goals and health in mind. To schedule your consultation, call our office in Coppell today!


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